Trump Trolls Our Troops

Exhibit A - John McCain. Do I need to say more? I mean, even in death, Trump is bitter.

Exhibit B - I love a parade for me - Trump. Have you served in the military and have you ever marched and mustered for parade? For one thing, if a parade starts at say high noon, leaders will require everyone to be there hours earlier, probably around 6 a.m. you'll need to show up looking SHARP in your best dress uniform. Trump got a view of a parade in France and thought he'd throw a parade for HIMSELF for no good reason.

Exhibit C - Rain made him disrespect World War I fallen. Full stop. Trump did not visit the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery and Memorial because of rain. Of course the official story is to blame someone else which is classic trump. The cemetery contains the graves of 2,289 war dead. Trump? There are 251 Unknown Fallen. Trump?

Exhibit D - The VA Mar-a-Lago Connection. The Veterans Administration is one of the LARGEST parts of our government because the military is big and because President Lincoln made a promise. Trump is failing on that by putting cronies into a "kitchen cabinet" of sorts. Perlmutter, Sherman and Moskowitz have power but no accountability. They serve themselves and NOT the vets.

Exhibit E - Seal Team Six & bin Laden. William McRaven commanded the raid that killed bin Laden. He wrote something the Snowflake-in-Chief didn't like and he started attacking him. Trump said McRaven should have found bin Laden sooner. Full stop. Trump is too stupid to understand that the CIA had to find bin Laden not McRaven. McRaven's job started AFTER the CIA confirmed his hideout. Trump got five draft deferments including one for bad feet. He really should just shut up.

Exhibit F - "Operation Faithful Patriot" aka "barbed wire for boogie men". Remember the caravan that was going to destroy us coming through Mexico? Just before the election Trump executed Operation Faithful Patriot and deployed almost 6000 soldiers in the middle of nowhere to string barbed wire to defend against people hundreds of miles away. Those troops are not coming home for Thanksgiving and probably not Christmas either. They don't get hot meals only MRE's and this will last for weeks. This was a political stunt and the disrespected troops know it.

Exhibit G - Trump says to forget about troops serving on Thanksgiving. "Oh, don't worry about the Thanksgiving..these are tough people." Commander in chief? Hardly. Troll in chief.

JC Schuster
Washington, DC
Thanksgiving, 2018

A #SpecialKindOfEvil

Recently, Trump's VA run by Exhibit D, tried to screw our troops real bad. They first deny it happened, then blame the victims, and finally say there is nothing they can do about it.

Paul R. Lawrence, VA's top benefits official challenged the truthfulness of the Veteran's complaints. Bastard.

About 450,000 veterans have been affected.

53,500 outstanding claims according to Stars and Stripes.

That full-coverage evil. Some troops couldn't pay for school and didn't graduate. Some lost their home because of the VA's delays and denials. This IS TRUMP'S VA now. But like everything else, he put cronies in charge (Exhibit D) and they screw over the little people and except for the Generals, trump thinks our troops are little and unimportant people. That's evil.

I know some people reading this may have family serving now and I hope to goodness this has not hurt any of those you love.

An #UnsteadyHand

Yesterday, December 19, 2018, out of the blue, Trump announced a 30 day Syria withdrawal order. Notice I didn't say withdrawal plan.

Trump has claimed he knows better than our Generals. Trump has now said ISIS is defeated but the fact is there are still thousands fighting.

Trump ordered them out in 30 days or soonest practical thereafter.

So for no good reason out of the blue, Trump has told our enemy - WE QUIT!

Tactically, that is called FUBARed. Leaving 20,000 ISIS behind is a dead certain formula for them to recruit and regroup and EVERYBODY ELSE KNOWS IT. But Trump is putting lives at risk here - our BRAVE TROOPS - for political distraction and possibly a sop for Putin.

Prediction: Trump will by this act RESTART ISIS within one year.

If you ever pray for peace, now is a good time.

I think this is important so I thank you for your attention.

JC Schuster
Washington, DC
December 20, 2018