May 31, 2019. Today is the last day of May which is mental health month. Who knew this has been going on since 1949? Not me.

I bring this up because there is more than the usual adversity to our health and Facebook is part of it. I have a friend (had?) who asked me to be their friend a few years ago and I said sure. I'd never met them but we had friends in common so why not! But over time their posts took a dark turn. I said to them "HEY!" I said more than 'hey' but to no avail.

I used simple facts and explanations and provided links to politely explain to them what was wrong. I explained how this IS a "life and death" issue or could be but their response was simplistic. It was also totally abusive.

They claimed a matter of fact was a matter of opinion. Let that sink in. This is a common tactic. I say 'tactic' but that would imply a broader strategy and this is better attributed to simple mindedness and a tendency to troll. Troll's love arguing for arguing's sake and despite being wrong about nearly everything leave thinking they actually engaged in a reasoned discussion and tied. They like the "we just agree to disagree" nonsense and assert their lie is valid as an opinion.

On top of this was name calling ranging from 'evil' to 'snowflake' or similar. Well, which is it? One sounds harmless the other sounds the opposite. When someone resorts to this, I know I've won in a sense. It also informs my view there is little prospect for further progress here. So I told them to unfriend me. I told them to remember that you can't post hate and then abuse someone you call a friend when they show you the facts and ask you stop posting hate based on lies.

There is something called the Dunning-Kruger effect. In short, some people think they know more than they do. That's not really surprising but it does put a name on it. The reason for mentioning this is that Facebook makes it very easy to repost things no matter how wrong they are. Reposting BS is now a specialty of those suffering from the Dunning-Kruger effect. Bottom line, if you haven't done due diligence on a poster you want to repost you may be part of the problem. Maybe you should not repost but write your own story instead.


November 15, 2018. Today, the New York Times exposed Facebook as un-American among other things.

It turns out the Russians have been crawling all over and through Facebook. They've been creating fake accounts and spreading lies, lies, and more lies. They've created lots of cute/stupid posters and posed as Americans while working from Moscow! It's been happening for YEARS and it is still happening now.

This is epic, people!

Facebook has "connected more than 2.2 billion people". Mr. Zuckerberg has a lot of employees but - dang! - he just can't seem to fix the problems or even acknowledge them. Psychopathy in action! He won't fix it because it costs money to do that AND because when those FAKE ACCOUNTS are frozen there will be a lot less 'sharing' of memes and posters which generates clicks and views and that is more profit to Mr. Z.

BTW - I used to have a handle on an electronic medium a long time ago - Mr Z


The face-(book)-o-evil - Mr Z. That's Zuckerberg.
BTW - last year i mentioned my Facebook account maybe getting blocked and while I do not want that, feel it getting closer..

In addition to NOT fixing "that Russia thing", Facebook decided to attack people speaking truth to power. They used a company called Definers Public Affairs. And they (Definers) used a conservative news site called the NTK Network. NTK then is picked up by popular conservative outlets, including Breitbart.

Let me repeat that - Facebook attacked parties exposing their illicit behavior. THAT is pretty damn evil, huh?

It sure is. It sure is.

And Zuckerberg is in control - both the network itself AND the corporation. He owns 60 percent of the voting shares. HE selected the "directors" and are they going to say anything and lose all the payola? No. Greed is strong in evil people.

#EvilFacebook Introduction

I've been away from Facebook for a few days .. weeks .. OK several months. I just kinda checked out...

I've been on Facebook a long time. I got my Facebook account back when they were still trying to be exclusive and you needed a college ID to get an account. Remember originally "The Facebook" was a result of young men's desire of beautiful ladies. They wanted to see who they were talking to online. The Winklevoss twins were about the same age as Mark Zuckerberg and while original versions evolved and changed, it was a co-ed dating site of sorts.

That was 2004 and things have changed.

If it were just another "match.com" it wouldn't matter but Facebook has become THE social media platform of note.


As a nation, we are now more divided than ever and Facebook is partly responsible for this.

Psychographic Profiling

Psychographic profiling is a tool for a soft form of brainwashing.

Psychographic profiling was used by Cambridge Analytica to take Facebook data and use it to mess with our election. Cambridge Analytica is now defunct. But like a zombie, they didn't really die, they just reincorporated under a different name. Those dirty dogs cashed in by selling out our democracy. How evil is that?

So to my friends here I say I hope to always stay in your good graces. To Facebook, I say 'YOU'RE ON NOTICE. You can't divide us because what is a profit center for you is a lifetime of friendships to us.'

JC Schuster, 2018, 2019