There is a lot of insanity about. There are many in authority who seek to repress freedoms. And finally, there are some who do act in their own worst interests. And they harm others.

Things are messed up enough to make people want to make things better. ZYXWVU is here to help. A first form of help for some problems is to name them. The problem named here is psychopathy.

Congressional Republicans Are Loyal to a Party in a Death Spiral but not the Constitution and All the Other Things that Make Us True Americans.

September 8, 2018 - The Senate Judicial Committee hearings on Judge Kavanaugh run by Senator Grassley exposes the GOP's power grab nature. Any close review shows the progressive Senators ripped to shreds a lot of what Grassley said and also exposed the poorly hidden facts about the nominee's regressive societal views which clearly smear his other views even legal views. We see thru him and see how he cheats to exert control especially over women's bodies. This bastard is very likely to join the court despite the needs of our nation. x

Can a Majority of an Educated Population be Wrong?

Can media be used to promote false representations? We've all experienced it on a personal level - somehow finally realizing we were WAY wrong. I think we repress it later but being honest, yeah we were wrong. So does this happen on a broader scale? Well there are multiple political parties and there are multiple religions and these groups tend to positively declare their competition to be wrong - blasphemous even. So, remembering how wrong we can be, here are just a few words about guns and the second amendment The Second Amendment vs The Fifth Amendment (updated 2018/12/15)

Psychopathy 101

How Trump Trolled The GOP Trump used to be neutral politically but when he decided to run the GOP was the natural choice.

How Evil is FACEBOOK??? Facebook is an excellent examplar of corporate psychopathy.

How Evil is This??? Trump Trolling Our Troops. Calling POWs losers is trolling.

And How Evil is This??? Promising but not delivering is deception. Deceiving our troops this way is especially evil.

Once you realize he's a psychopath, nothing he does will surprise you. You may become angry at the injustice but it will not surprise you. You may be saddened by man's inhumanity to man but it will not surprise you.

Trump very angry

What is 'psychopathy'? Well, it's sociopathy and narcissism and probably some other bad traits. And then amped up. A lot. Psychopaths make up an estimated 3% of the population and I'm just making that figure up. The point is they are somewhat rare. Now 'psycho' is sometimes a slur for mentally ill. Comparing say, victims of schizophrenia to psychopaths is an insult to the mentally ill. Psycho comes from ancient Greek for 'soul' and pathos is also Greek and it means suffering. Unfortunately in the case of psychopaths the suffering comes to the people AROUND them.

The ONLY way to 'deal' with a psychopath is to NOT deal with them. Avoid contact. Do not engage. I believe even two psychopaths meeting does net damage to them although due to asymmetric power one may gain in stature. For everyone else, they'll lose on every transaction. Psychopaths are especially transactional in nature. They are 'in the moment' and if at that moment they're attending to YOU, you should expect something bad. Now mind you, psychopaths have a 'flip' side. They network. They network a lot. They're sociable on the surface. But underneath - it's all about them. They tend to be above average in intelligence and perhaps are even more above average in emotional intelligence. They read people. They try to decipher bribes and blackmails. They don't waste time with small measures!

June 11, 2018 - Psychopaths Meet

A few hours from now, Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un will meet. What happens when two psychopaths meet? Well, when they're evenly matched, I'd say they ally with one another. Since they are 'meeting' we can presume they operate in different domains. And since psychopaths also spend time building alliances this is an obvious opportunity for them both.

Now if they are mis-matched in any way there is an opening for one to take advantage. Taking is one thing psychopaths do. And guess what? Trump and Kim are NOT evenly matched. Not at all. Kim has been practicing psychopathy (and more obvious criminality) all his life. On a state scale. And he's managed a nuclear tipped ICBM program to completion. Trump has bankrupted casinos, imported his third wife, and out-psycho'd competing Republican nominee candidates back in 2015.

Winning the election was just freak bad luck and he was not expecting it and didn't want the job anyway. Seriously - he was planning on carrying on being a third millenium PT Barnum and golfing.

Kim has been executing people in his own hell-hole country as well as abroad. Trump amps up Billy Bush talking about grabbing women by the pussy. So Trump is going to lose and lose big. The US is going to lose and lose big. It may not be obvious right away but it will be seen eventually. Kim won't stop but Trump will brag for the rest of his term in office - another year or so.

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